Mommy of one.

Drinker of #coffee (lots and lots of coffee). 

#Writer of #bookboyfriends and #happyeverafters.

The stereotypical writer through and through,

I find hiding out alone in my office, cut off from society

where I can pursue my obsessive compulsions in peace

& carry on uninterrupted conversations with my imaginary friends

while I sip coffee, to be all the rage.

I like people too.

The real ones.

But I'm shy and often awkward, so I don't show it well.

If we meet - please don't hold this against me.

I use the word f*ck an awful lot. I assure you, I'm not suffering from a limited vocabulary. I'm fluent in two languages and can muddle my way through another few if need be. I just like it. Maybe because I didn't rebel enough as a teenager. Fuck if I know.​

These days, life is a solid stream of awesome craziness compliments of my kid. When we're not giggling ourselves to sleep or having a sing off about Parmesan cheese, we're likely binge watching Once Upon a Time and arguing about who was better for Emma Swan - Neal or Hook. It's clearly Hook. Besides. Neal is dead. So I win.

Let's see, what else...some random gems I know you could totally live without:

I have a tendency to name pets after Harry Potter characters.

I rarely go anywhere without tripping over a dog, or a cat...or a goat along the way.

I'm attempting to garden.


I like to cook and bake shit from scratch (I'm no next top chef...I just like to know what's in my food.)

Come fall, I start knitting like I'm ninety and it's the only thing keeping my brittle bones limber. If you haven't gotten an afghan from me yet, give it time.

I basically live for Sunday Brunch.

It's right up there.

After my kid.

My coffee.

My yoga.

And time spent on my board on the water.

...And writing (duh).

...And dancing around in my kitchen.

...Brunch. It's up there.

#mycrazyisalwaysshowing #showmeyours #wehaveagroup!



WAIT - there's more! I'm not just writing under K.S. Thomas anymore!! Moving forward you can also find my work under Karina Giörtz. Starting with my most recent release - THE WILD IN HER EYES


Young Annis Watson is on the run. Her childhood ended abruptly and her only keepsake is the target on her back. 

She'll be hunted wherever she goes, but Annis finds a safe place to hide when she crosses paths with the Brooks and Bennet Circus. 

When Annis joins this merry band of misfits, she begins to see the world—and herself— anew. With each passing adventure under the big top, it's easy to forget the past. 

But it hasn't forgotten her. And before long, it comes for her.

Now, all who try to save her are at risk but Annis is determined not to see the same tragedy unfold twice in one lifetime.

Yep. Still me. Swear !

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